Apr 11, 2011

Japanese upcoming movie, It is 'Twilight' or 'Vampire Knight'?

Tanaka Reina and Suzuki Airi to star in “Vampire Stories”

Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina announced on her official blog today that she will be appearing in a new movie called “Vampire Stories“, expected to open this summer.

Vampire Stories will consist of two movies released simultaneously, and the cast includes Katou Kazuki, Yanagishita Tomo (D-BOYS), Suzuki Airi (C-ute), Baba Tooru, and Makita Tetsuya (D-BOYS).

Reina wrote:

“I have an announcement for everyone! Somehow… I’m appearing in a movie!

“Vampire Stories BROTHERS”
“Vampire Stories CHASERS“

are set to open this summer.

I’m appearing in the CHASERS side!

Story: (CHASERS Part)

“While barbecuing with friends by the riverside, main character Shuu (Baba Tooru) tries and fails to confess his love to the beautiful Hisako (Tanaka Reina) who is alone, deep in thought.

Then suddenly, they are faced with an unreal tragic death. After blacking out, Shuu awakes in a hut where a man called Asagi (Makita Tetsuya) confronts him with the reality of the situation.

After being attacked by Ai at the riverside, Shuu has become a vampire, and if he does not defeat Ai within 7 days, he will become his slave.

Together with Asagi, they chase after Ai. Along the way they meet up with Hisako again, who appears to have been attacked, and the chain of tragedies gets longer.”

Do you remember before when I said I had shooting from early in the morning? The time I said I only slept about 2 hours. That’s when I was shooting for this movie! I was so excited~ But it was really really fun! Although I’m a little nervous to see the finished product… That’s because it’s my first time having that many lines and such when acting.

Everyone, please look forward to it!”

Further details about the movie, including the release date and the summary of BROTHERS, are not yet known, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Source: Tanaka Reina Official Blog


  1. So do i. it's just i don't really like the cast.


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