Apr 4, 2011

The Red Muffler (2011) - New Movie Project for Bi Rain

Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) received training at the Air Force Academy.
A spokesperson conveyed on a phone call with News N, "Rain, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Sung-soo and more, received training at the Air Force Academy for the shooting of movie "The Red Muffler - 2011".

Rain, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Sung-soo, Lee Ha-na and Yoon Joon-sang who are pilots in the movie, have been getting combat plane flying lessons from last February in Cheongju and Daegu.
The spokesperson continued, "They are getting used to the basic fitness through training".

Meanwhile, this special training is drawing more attention as Rain is yet to join the army in the later half of this year. Some day, "Is he going to join the Air Force with all this training?" He had actually been through an issue of him going to the Air Forces.
Netizen's say, "Is this another birth of a handsome pilot", "He would look good in a pilot uniform" and such.
"The Red Muffler - 2011" is an action blockbuster that draws the life and love of the Korean pilots that fly fighter planes to solve problems on the Korean Peninsula. There will be action as well as a touching story.

Rain and Sin Se-kyeong's movie "The Red Muffler - 2011" cranked in and took off in its first flight.
CJ E & M conveyed "The Red Muffler - 2011" finished its first shoot at a club in Gangnam on the 15th.
The crank in shoot involved a celebration party for Jeong Tae-hoon (Jeong Ji-hoon) joining the 21 fighter plane force.
Besides Jeong Ji-hoon were, Kim Sung-soo, Lee Ha-na, Lee Jong-suk and more. Although they didn't have any scenes that day Sin Se-kyeong, Yoo Joon-sang and Jeong Kyeong-hoon attended the scene and cheered on them.
Jeong Ji-hoon said, "We worked well with the actors and actresses. I think it's a good start".
Director Kim Dong-weon also had said, "We will do out best to make a great movie".


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